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TU-II Polyurethane - A+ Standard Doors - Garage Doors - Winnipeg - Manitoba

TU-II Polyurethane

When your building project demands the insulating qualities of a commercial polyurethane door, the North Central Door TU-II delivers. This 2" thick sandwich door constructed of exterior and interior steel skins with a polyurethane core combines excellent insulating performance with a clean, professional appearance.

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Ribbed - A+ Standard Doors - Garage Door Opener - Winnipeg - Manitoba


Nothing compares to our micro-ribbed 24 and 25 gauge doors when it comes to strength and stability. They are designed to maintain structural integrity through the rigors of your toughest commercial and residential applications.

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Thermal Flush - A+ Standard Doors - Garage Door Repair - Winnipeg - Manitoba


Available in 1-3/8", 2" and 3" models our Thermal Flush Series offers a clean modern look for any building. Designed to combine the thermal door dependability with contemporary design to provide you with a clean, crisp look and strong insulating performance.

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